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Über mich / uns

We are Alexandre and Bence, a Portuguese and a Hungarian guy. We met in Budapest and Bence told me about a trip to Spain by car to do volunteering jobs. I was applying for a master and investing on my career. You heard this before, didn't you? That's why I quit and decided to join him in his (at least) 3.081 km of journey =D
We're very alike in terms of personality, calm, positive and vegetarian. We are keen on (organic) gardening/farming, animal care and -rights and sustainability. We would like to get involved with permaculture gardening, alternative communities and lifestyles.
Bence has an adopted dog named Dolly. No, not a clone :) She also wanted to join us to the trip. She is very friendly with everyone and other dogs, too.
Our hobbies are painting, henna painting, drawing, traveling, yoga, reading, hiking, gardening. We have a lot of Couchsurfing experiences as well.
We speak 6 languages, one of them has only two speakers in the world though. Yes, we invented it :)

Angebotene Fähigkeiten / Gesuchte Arbeit

Good communication
Problem solving
Keen on saving the Planet
Internet & Computers
Great cook :)




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