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About me / us

My name is David and I live with my dad in a flat in the centre of Madrid. We are laid back people, my dad plays the guitar and studies music and I make computer programs and play the guitar as well. I enjoy cooking and eating too.

Skills required / Job description

I need someone to help me with You would be helping with translations to other languages, with programming if you are an I.T. person, or with spreading the word if you are a social beast. 3 or 4 hours a day in a relaxed atmosphere will do the job. You can stay for a week.




You will have your own room in a regular bed. The flat is located 30 minutes away from Puerta del Sol, so it's a very good spot to enjoy Madrid and go sightseeing. It is a big flat with a big kitchen, you will enjoy that if you like cooking. We can share the food as well if you would like to. Mmmmm, that's it I think!

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