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Since I can remember, I love farming and to learn everything about "rural lifestyle" to plant, pick, cook, how the plants and animals grow up, how to prepare the food and the wood for the winter...

Then, after a long time living and working in Murcia (a city), I decided to quit my job in order to have more time for farming and far I´m very happy with that decission! :)

The farm is organic and is located in a village called Letur, between mountains, in the south-east of Spain.

I have in the farm olives, almonds, cereals, tomatoes and more or less everything you can plant (onions, garlics, potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, salads,...) :)

I like the idea of WWOOFING, but I don´t like that they ask you for money to join them, so I will try with this new website, and I´ll see if it works!

So you know: if you want to come to my farm to help, to learn, or just to visit, you will be very welcome!

PS: Important for vegans: I respect and I like vegan food, but also I love meat, so in the farm are some animals like chickens or turkeys...I hope this is not a problem for you!

Skills required / Job description

You can help with everything: planting, picking, cooking,...




You will be hosted in a rural house (with water and electricity), and food will not be a problem, you will see, haha!

But, please, confirm before that I can host you, because I try to travel a lot ;)


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