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I am living to travel and aim to celebrate life as the beautiful gift that it is! I have worked in the hospitality line for quite a few years now, and working hard and having fun has always been my motto. I quit my job recently and sold almost everything I own to embark on a journey of self-discovery alone. With my life cut down to to just the bare necessities, I am slowly learning to live life simply and happily, living life as it comes but not expecting too much. I am a naturally adventurous person, good with people and am extremely positive. Having the opportunity to WWOOF would be without a doubt, one amazing experience after another! To live life through the places i have been in, and learn things I would have never imagined I would learn would be the things I look for whenever I get the opportunity to WWOOF!

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I am known to be a jack of trades, partly because I have always been very inquisitive since young. While I don't profess to know how to do everything on the book, what I have is a willing heart to learn and I truly believe in honest hard work. I have a positive attitude with anything that comes into my plate and am absolutely gamed for anything. I studied digital media, work in both tv production houses and online media agencies and also worked in the hospitality line for several years, both backend (events, marketing and project management) and frontline (interacting with people, cooking, serving tables, washing etc). I was a certified barista once, as well as having gone through a science and knowledge of wine course which I scored with merit. My mom is an awesome cook and I am not too bad myself thanks to her. I am also a professional singer (performed in bars) and an aspiring photographer in human portraiture.

I am not sure if all my experiences is relevant to all the WWOOFing requirements but I have a heart to learn and work hard. I believe that's all we need in everything that we do, and whether through success and failure, we will always learn something out of our experiences. Life is full of surprises and I am all for it. =]




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