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About me / us

Mountainside farm close to Yosemite National Park with 100 mile views. It's complete solitude here that hundreds of millions of people have seen.
I breed Queensland Heeler dogs (about 10 or so puppies a year), raise chickens for eggs, grow fruit trees, veggies, herbs, spices and medicinal plants. I take volunteers year round.
I have lived in the Yosemite area since 1985, I married into the Yosemite Indian Tribe and have Yosemite Indian children. Yosemite is a big part of my life and my farm. We have a living culture that is year round and I regularly take my volunteers to the ceremonies.
PLEASE! Click on all 3 website links and read my Couchsurfing profile and binding references.
To see a video reference from a single woman who volunteered here July 2012 click on website 2.
To see my YouTube videos of my farm and volunteers click on my website 3, in the middle of the page is a magnifying glass, click on that and type in Volunteer, Help X, WWOOF, Dogs, Yosemite, anything really to see my take on it.
My farm is mostly a show case for my YouTube videos and growing the food for the people to eat on my farm. I grow food to eat and video, not sell, what I export is my videos about my farm, my volunteers, my life. I need people to help me make those vids by being in them and filming me both.

Skills required / Job description

I don't make money from what I produce here on my farm. Any potential volunteers here will be expected to contribute to their own food needs.
My farm is a show case for my YouTube videos. I record almost everything I do so expect you will be filmed in public areas.
Unless otherwise negotiated, this is a place to relax and enjoy and do a very small amount of work. My farm is very close to Yosemite, making this a great jumping off place to enjoy the most beautiful place on the Mother




Email me for current help needs, terms and conditions of stay. I will need to know how long you would be able to stay, how you will get here, special diet, skills you have etc. I usually require a 10 day stay and don't normally have a maximum time, I had a group here for 10 months one time.
I will also need references, Couchsurfing profile with references almost always get you accepted. Facebook works or references here that I can contact.
There is no shared sleeping areas unless we talk about it ahead of time. Volunteers get their own living space, I have reliable electricity Wi-Fi, TV, phone, washing machine, kitchen and sporadic hot water.
There is easy, cheap, public transportation to here from San Francisco airport via Merced Amtrak and from here to Yosemite. I can give you exact details on how to get here.


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