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"Once in a lifetime I want to visit all the places I haven't seen before." This is me. Sarah, twenty years old from Switzerland. Last year I started traveling with my first big journey to Guatemala and México for three months. The most valuable and amazing experience I've made until now.
I'm going to start studying social anthropology and sustainable development in september 2014. These subjects include all my favorite things about traveling: different cultures with a different form of society, religions, form of government, landscapes and economy and my wish to make an effort for our earth in various fields like nature, education etc.
During the rest of my gap year I want to see and have a wonderful time in different countries with a lot of new experiences with people, animals and nature.

Skills offered / Job searched

I do have several experiences in working with or taking care of children. I worked in an orphanage in Guatemala for four weeks and in a nursery school in Switzerland for two weeks. In Guatemala I was helping out in the kitchen, the laundry and the garden, but most of the time I was playing or doing handicrafts with the kids but teaching them the basics. I also have training as a coach in youth athletics and I'm helping out at our local athletics club.

I'm a social minded person. So am I working in a local Amnesty International Youth Group to organize campaigns or to collect signatures.

I love cooking or baking and I'd like to learn new recipes from different cultures.

If you show or teach me how to do gardening, farming or building I'd love to make that new experience. As a fast learner I hope to fulfil this challenge.

Photography is one of my greatest passions.

As a vegetarian I am a great animal and environment lover. We do have several animals at home like a cat, rabbits and rats and it is always a pleasure for me to spend time with those animals and to take care of them. As my father is a forester I've spent a lot of time outside in the open air helping out in the garden or forrest or just enjoying the wonders of nature.




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