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Aloha! My name is Ramón and im from Madrid, Spain. Just graduated university with a degree in Madia Studies/Visual Arts. I enjoy traveling very much, since the first time I set foot on a plane and it wasn't so much for the plane as for the feeling. Meeting new and interesting people as well as cultures and natural environments. I will try to travel all over the world before I leave it. Also recording it as I find video is the best way to express myself, hopefully every adventure I have becomes a video or film in some way.
Im very easy going, as I never try to impose my will over anybody. I try to flow with the world and keep a good vibe. Mainly thats my best quality, Im always overflowing with good vibrations. Im not over active or such things, I know when to keep quiet and have some alone time reading or drawing. I don't know how to play music but I really love it and Im always up for some messy jamming. Also im very honest and speak my mind constantly but always being respectful with others.
Im not religious, I used to be catholic, went to mass every sunday and really believed the teachings of the bible. But at some point I stopped liking the church as an organization and became agnostic not so much as a belief but as way to explore new religions. Finally I find Buddhism as my true belief but Im yet to fully understand it and so I don't practice it fully as for now.
I know this was kind of long, Im sorry but I got carried away. Usually I don't talk this much about myself as I prefer to listen or normally I talk about weird things.

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cooking, cleaning, babysitting, photography, photography editing,video, video editing, drawing, surfing, skating, graphic design, musical "aficionado", teaching, painting.




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