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Hello Every body!!!

I am a social single young man who likes to learn by working way, I been working as a volunteer in England two years ago sopporting disable people for a year ( I got references of it).

I like talk about everything, and learn languajes in that way, I am looking to improve my french practicing and learning more about it. I like to get a good relationship with anybody and have many friends, I´m very entusiastic and full of energy. I thing we can do this place more confortable, barriers are for countries.

Have a look on my couchsurfing profile on:


I have had many good experiences at couchsurifng web site, I found workaway in and I hope to have found another singular web site to score my goal!!

Habilidades / tipo de trabajo buscado

I am a media freelance, I use photo and video professional camera to work, I am a Avid and Photshop editor, I play bass guitar and drums,
I love to practice languajes, boxing, dance salsa, yoga and of course cook mexican food.




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