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Hello! I just graduated from university and now i plan to travel true Spain in search of a place where i can put myself to a use. I have lived in the city of The Hague for 7 years and have had enough of the city. Outside I where I feel my best! Right now I got rid of most of my stuff and will live out of my backpack for some time. I chose to take step away from material possessions and comfort in search of a part of myself I seemed to have lost during my lifestyle in the city... I have a optimistic view of the world and would love to explore a bit more on it.

If there is anything you need to know or want to ask, please feel free to do so.

Habilidades / tipo de trabajo buscado

I consider myself a versatile, skilled, enthusiastic person with a proper set of brains and always curious. I love to work with my hands and have lots of hobbies. From woodworking to photography and from cooking to rock climbing, basically anything that leaves room for creativity and/or improvisation. I have no trouble with demanding labour and take great pleasure in delivering quality.




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