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Hi! I am french, currently travelling in South America. After having been working 4 years in France in the environmental reglementation, I wanted to spend some time abroad on my own. In the aim of making my abroad experience the most interesting, I would really like to brighten up some helping work to my travels, in differents countries. I like being outside, working in the nature, in environmental and ecological matters, or building renovation, taking care of animals... I am open minded, like music a lot, learning languages, hiking, and basicallt curious about a lot of things.


I have actually few experience, I just start being interested in working away while traveling but I feel like being able to acquire knowledge quickly in gardening, renovation. Fluent spanish. Spent though 10 days in Iceland on July 2016, planting seeds, taking care of a greenhouse. I also already took part in gathering grapes for making wine. I am anyway really excited about learning something new.




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